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Personal Training Center in Montreal

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Health and Fitness Assessment

Get a snapshot of your current health status with the “Know Your Numbers” Health & Fitness Assessment. Understand your general health risk factors, have your questions answered by certified health professionals and learn simple and effective ways to safeguard your future health. These measurements can also be use for the progress grading methods of your physical health and appearance.

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Connect with us!

Follow us on social media for interesting and educational facts about health and fitness. We also offer fun and inspirational quotes to help you through your fitness journey.

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Private and small group training

Train alone, with a friend or in a small group and get into the best shape of your life with Montreal’s finest certified trainers. They will boost your fitness abilities to unprecedented levels. Through customized and diverse exercise programs, your body and mind will be thoroughly charged! These unparalleled workouts will guide you through a physical transformation, helping you surpass expected goals. We guarantee an exceptional experience and amazing results.

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Check out our Spartan Racers!

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Fun workout session with the "Amber" sisters! Are you up for the challenge...? Come train with them?

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Much More than just a Gym

Adonna’s Weekly Dose Workouts – AWDWs

The AWDW are 30 minutes videos of workouts by Adonna Greaves. They are designed to help you…

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Health and Fitness Tips

Studio Adonnics offers online tips on better eating, fitness and weight loss tips through Adonna’s educational videos…

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Sports Conditioning

Benefits To aid in enhancing the performance of athletes within their specific sport, a comprehensive cross-training program…

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Our Trainers

Meet the team

Meet the Team

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