CrossFit is described as the sport of fitness. It encompasses exercises that are constantly varied, high-intensity, functional (multi-joint) movements that help prepare you for random physical challenges. CrossFit is designed to elicit metabolic adaptations that lead to favorable improvement in physical performance and body composition. In simpler terms, CrossFit KICKS YOUR BUTT INTO 5th GEAR, helping your body burn calories, gain lean muscle mass and get stronger and fitter, FASTER.

CrossFit strengthens and conditions your core and optimizes physical competence in ten different fitness domains that CrossFit identifies as being the foundation for performing any sport or activity.

The ten domains are:

1 ) Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance

2 ) Stamina

3 ) Strength

4 ) Flexibility

5 ) Power

6 ) Speed

7 ) Coordination

8 ) Agility

9 ) Balance

10 ) Accuracy

There are 9 fundamental functional movements introduced in CrossFit. You’ll learn these fundamental movements before advancing towards lifting heavier loads or attempting higher skilled exercises. They include the following:

1 ) Squat

2 ) Front Squat

3 ) Overhead Squat

4 ) Shoulder Press

5 ) Push Press

6 ) Push Jerk

7 ) Deadlift

8 ) Sumo Deadlift Highpull

9 ) Medicine Ball Clean

You will learn the importance of “core to extremity” muscle recruitment and your knowledge will be reinforced through the practice of these fundamental movements and through exercise progressions. CrossFit highlights the critical role of core strength for all physical activity.